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The privacy policy stated below is to inform you as to how Pro Essays Writers makes use of its customers’ information. We have the right to change the policy at any time, to ensure that most updated information is provided on the website.

Collection of Information

The type of personal information that Pro Essays Writers collects are name, email address and payment details so that better service can be provided by our website.

Information Confidentiality

Any information that you share with us remains 100% confidential and is not disclosed to any third party; unless you give permission for it to be done so.

Information Collection Regarding Visits On Our Website

The only information that is collected regarding a customers’ visit is the IP address to find the location. The purpose of doing so is to offer a tailored and customised service to the customer.

Personal Information Usage

Pro Essays Writers makes use of your personal information solely for communication and promotional purposes.

Access To User Information

In case you need to access your personal information, we would require you to send an email to our inquiry team along with sending a copy of the email to the Legal Department. We hold the right to inquire from your certain information to ensure that your personal identity is not stolen.

Information Associated With Our Products & Services

Any details related to our products and service is available on our website. All kinds of promotional discounts and offers are informed to the customer, usually though emails or texts or phone calls.