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Is there a better way to check students' knowledge than exams?

Is there a better way to check students knowledge than exams?

In the UK and throughout the planet, examinations are the primary method of assessment for kids and pupils. Facilities in England start assessing the pupils of theirs through examinations from the age of seven in the type of Key Stage one SATs. Standardized assessments have grown to be the normalized way to determine academic power inside the education system of ours, but – are examinations truly the top method to evaluate pupils? Can they allow pupils to recall as well as understand the content of the studies theirs?

Lots of people argue that the uniformity of examinations presents certain means as well as an objective of examining pupils. I'd fight, nonetheless, that the uniformity of exams isn't always a good idea.

The uniformity needed by examinations standardizes the interests, capabilities as well as understanding absorbed by kids and pupils. This particular procedure for mass standardization takes away the uniqueness as well as the curiosity of learning that plays a role in the development of well rounded, critical thinkers. You can find more debates on professional essay writers UK and can realize the importance of self writing of a student.

Nature of Exams

In case, not the uniformity, then certainly the modification method along with the examination documents them, teach pupils the best way to work hard? To work hard does not suggest the info is being learned as well as absorbed. How that exam is structured means that to deliver good results, pupils have to memorize info and regurgitate it onto exam papers, however, not always find out what they're learning. A focus on exams as main modes of assessment means a large number of pupils are led to concentrate on cramming as well as revising info. Preparing for tests seldom provides pupils the period to take in the info they're learning, which begs the question – does the education system of ours prioritize the understanding of expertise, or maybe test results?

Numerous schools, as well as universities, tend to be very target focused, creating' test fuelled production lines'. Frequently, this is because of the strong stress for educational facilities to contend with one another, make excellent examination leads to order to fulfill OFSTED targets or even go with a great spot on the national/international league tables. Regrettably, meeting these kinds of targets is usually prioritized over shaping as well as refining teaching as well as learning environments to nurture as well as broaden the minds of pupils.

Branding Individuals

Additionally, exams don't take into consideration which intelligence is a spectrum, not fixed. A lot of pupils that don't flourish below exam situations are branded as' less intelligent' than those that achieve higher examination results. Branding pupils that don't do well in exams as less intelligent is a fantastic disservice to knowledge seekers that don't fit the cookie-cutter mold of the UK examination sector. We have to cater for the spectrum of intellect represented by pupils and kids, instead of forcing them into uniformity and stamping out alternate expressions of brightness and intelligence.

Governmental Support

Many parents, educators, as well as pupils as well, are disappointed with the present examination structure utilized in this specific country. Nevertheless, most of us fall quiet on what we can do to alter it. We often discover ourselves asking – are there the practical options? Ways to we also start to change such an entrenched method? Change is essential to a healthy and balanced society, and right now, we desperately want it inside the educational facilities of ours. Right now there are alternatives available, though the government must be prepared to facilitate shift & incorporate brand new assessment techniques to the UK training process.

Cause of Stress

Together with not completely grasping subject ideas, assessments result in unnecessary stress of pupils that can prevent the learning. Often pupils respond to stress by not sleeping, refusing to eat, and failing to focus which may mean they're not paying complete attention of classes.

Not simply is the strain of theirs from themselves to do well, but teachers too that are comparing them to the peers of theirs. To a lot of teachers, a student's success is just pertinent in case it's higher than that of its peers.

I've encountered this while an “A” on an exam might be excellent quality for myself, it won't be the grade recognized by the teacher of mine in case it's not the very best in the category. This leads me to place extra pressure on myself to do much better rather compared to concentrate on the very own personal achievement of mine (Brain Connection).


The last factor to testing would be the point that an examination assesses the student's information on that specific day, not taking into consideration outside factors that could play a part in the student's performance. This kind of variable could consist of sickness, damage, or maybe family issues. Other styles of assessment like tasks, or maybe presentations are carried out over a short time instead of on a specific day in a particular period providing the pupil much more freedom for some other items to arise.

Furthermore, exams are evaluating a student's particular attempt rather compared to the progress throughout the program. I feel this improvement is one thing to be accounted for rather than simply a grade based on a single performance (Columbia University).

Sampling Method

Many other styles of assessment to think of that may likely exchange testing, are sampling, stealth assessments and emotional and social abilities surveys. Sampling is a method of evaluating pupils but less. Rather than standardized tests for everyone, the district might administer testing to a “statistically representative” group of pupils instead of to every pupil yearly. Hence the title, “sampling”. Stealth assessments diminish the time as well as the strain of normal assessments.

They evaluate the students' knowledge with a bigger length of time like a whole year or maybe a semester instead of a single moment. Stealth assessments are administered online with an application allowing pupils to constantly practice English as well as math. Emotional and social abilities surveys measure amounts of hope, engagement, and health which are excellent signs of exactly how effectively a pupil will perform on an assessment. This's predicting future scores as well as G.P.A.'s over the survey results (NPR).

Can it be good to point out that for several pupils tests might not be the very best kind of assessment? According to the info above, I will say yes. Testing has proven to hinder original thinking and imagination, produce anxiety among teachers and pupils, as well as fail to think about the growth/ improvement of the pupil as an entire. Overall, there are many different styles of assessments that may likely be better suited to a wider range of pupils that must be looked at.

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